Do You Download Music Over A File-Sharing Network?

by Jason A. Martin

It can be estimated that millions of people around the world share music over a file-sharing network. For this article, I am addressing the issue in America mainly because I am not aware of the laws in other countries. Do you think it is illegal to download music from file-sharing networks? What about music you already own? An important recent court decision will answer these questions directly and you might be surprised. [ more ]

10 Music Download Legal Points

by Vicente Applegate

Everybody's doing it: downloading music and sharing files. People who share music files on the Internet argue that downloading is legal; today they can be sued by the record industry. Can one be sued without a great intrusion into personal lives of an individual? [ more ]

Are free music download programs-FREE?

by John Rivers

Before you use one of those free music download programs you may want to compare them with the legal file-sharing programs to help you make a decision.

There are many free music download software programs available to download free music online. It seems like there are new "Ares download, free music download web sites" entering the Web everyday. Getting a free KaZaA music download is all I here my students talk about in class. Asking each other where to download free music or download and burn free music. They talk about sites to find Inuyasha music downloads, Final Fantasy music downloads, even cell phone music downloads. [ more ]

Growing Your iTunes Music Library - A Guide

by Glenn Wolsey

iTunes. No question, it's the worlds best and most widely used music management application.

The main function of iTunes is to store your entire digital music collection. Some people have 200 tracks, others have 50,000. But where do people get all their music? People with bulging MP3 collections surely can't buy every track they own, so where do they get them? [ more ]

Find a Great Music Download Site With The Following Criteria

by Mr.Music

From when we 1st began searching for the Best music download resource on the net, we used to get misplaced. It was because we were shopping for free mp3 files. We were required for monthly joining dues which annoyed us alot.

How may we discover a site as a great music download resource? We made a few standards to decide how to determine a good site. [ more ]

The Absolute Worst Way To Download Music On The Internet

by Charles Cruz

You get into the online music world. You've had this song playing in the back of your mind all day and now you've decided that you want to download it. You search for it specifically and find that there's a site that is offering you exactly the song you want for free. [ more ]

Trusting a music site to download and burn free music

by John Rivers

File-sharing programs are the most controversial way to download and burn free music on the Internet, but file sharing has never been more popular. Programs like KaZaA, Limewire, Ares, Shareaza, WinMX, iMesh seem to be the most popular for gathering totally free music to download. Lawsuits by the music industry have slowed some of the illegal sharing of pirated music, but there are new file-sharing programs that use methods to allow users to be anonymous. [ more ]

Free Music Downloads - Are They Cool?

by Charles Cruz

The has been a lot of legal drama about this because after all, music is still a business. I'm sure we can relate to working hard for something and then expecting a profit from it. However, I think there can be some benefits to someone downloading your mp3 for free. [ more ]

How to Control the Music Download Madness

by Charles Cruz

After following the trend of users coming on to the internet to download movies, many resources started to come out offering you the latests downloads. At the very beggining this was great for most users.

After a while, people started to take advantage of this. They started adding pop ups, illegal spy software, among many other things to their sites. You downloaded an mp3 file and you got the file, but with it you had a shiny new browser window that told you to buy viagra everytime you surfed the web. [ more ]