Dating Advice Why Did The Date End Badly

You can plan, prepare verify, check and recheck but there isw always going to be somethings in the dating game that will be overlooked. We are all human and the easiest thing in the world sometimes is to not fully take into account the consideration of others. Small items can have great significance. 1. What Have You Been Eating? You notice your date occasionally pulls away from you when you get a little closer.

Why? You are clean and well groomed. The deodorant is effective without being overpowering so what's the problem? Could be the old breath thing. Bad breath can be very embarrassing as well as a major turnoff not just for that particular date but for the entire relationship. Clean and floss your teeth thoroughly, use mouthwash and carry some extra mints with you. Also be mindful of the foods you eat. Anything that has been flavored too strongly can trigger bad breath.

If you like zesty seasoning, you may want to pass it up this time around. 2.That's the Stupidest Thing You've Ever Heard You think the conversation is going well. It was during the beginning but now it has turned into a one person show. Every time the other person tried to give their opinion you shot them down in a not so nice way.

Now you suddenly realize from their body language that this date ended about an hour ago. Being diplomatic should always be high on your priority list when out on a date. Yes you maybe an expert on a certain subject or two but you do not have to laud it over your date. Let them have their say.

If you disagree or know for a fact the information they spouted is wrong, than you can ask questions or gently correct them. If it is just small talk and has no significance concerning your dating relationship, than sometimes it is best to just let it go. This is not a debate or a sporting event where you must score points. Letting the other person have their say without feeling the need to "win" the conversation is an important part of diplomacy and dating.

3 Is That Your Cell Phone or Mine? Aye Carumba. This is the new rude. Not only do you take the call (what are you thinking?) but you spend way too much time on it. Not that they asked but now you start rambling on to your date about the details of your conversation. Think they care by now? Probably not. That one action tells them you are not taking this date seriously.

Your friends, family and acquaintances can get along with you for a little while so turn your cell phone off and concentrate on the business at hand. And truthfully if the shoe was on the other foot, you would not be happy. Try as you might, there is no way to guarantee a perfect date. You can always look back and realize that maybe you should have said or done something different. But keep in mind to take care of the breath, make your date an equal partner in the conversation, and turn the cell phone off. Remember little things mean a lot.

The more you do the more your date will appreciate you.

Article written by Daryl Campbell. What is the make or break point in most dates? Find out at The Relationship Tip

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