Quick Stress Free Ways to Learn Spanish

With around 400 million Spanish speakers around the Globe located in areas such as South America, Spain, Portugal, Philippines, USA and even parts of Africa it is not difficult to see the attraction of learning the Spanish Language. While there are various dialects and accents of Spanish you will normally find that basics Spanish is the common foundation. You will find the Tagalog language in the Philippines as a testimonial of this. The common grammar and certain words may differ but the basic numbers, days of the week and much of the vocabulary are the same. This is an example of how useful the Spanish language can be as you travel around the World. If you learn basic Spanish then you will be able to communicate with people from as far apart as Brazil to Portugal and even as far as Morocco.

No matter where you are in the World you are never far away from a native Spanish speaker. While learning the language is very popular it is a sad fact that many people give up before they have completed the course or have even learned the basics. The reasons for this are quite diverse though the main problem seems to be the choice of learning method and the personality of the student. But lets get something straight from the start, anyone can learn Spanish given the right tuition and time. Each student have their own preferred ways to learn something new. For some this maybe attending a night class with other students or some may prefer one-to-one tuition or maybe learning in private suits others.

This is the starting point and where mistakes are often made. You need to be honest with yourself and consider each learning option before you make a decision. Get this part right and you will save yourself a lot of heartache later on.

Night classes can be very effective way to learn Spanish and to make new friends. The problem with these classes is that they can be very expensive and can also have negative effects on your learning cycle. If you are a slow learner then the chances are that there will be other students in the class that can learn quicker than you. This is when the class gets split into groups as the tutor would not want the slower learners holding back the rest of the class.

This can add stress as you may want to progress quicker than your brain will allow. When this happens you tend to skip over things and miss out certain elements of the course just to play catch-up with more advanced students. Maybe you also feel a little embarrassed learning Spanish in front of strangers? If this sounds like you then maybe attending night classes is not for you. One-to-one tuition is one of the best methods to learn, though it can be very expensive. Private tutors will charge by the hour so you need to be sure that the tutor you choose matches your learning speed.

This will need to be addressed before hiring someone. If you are a slow learner then you will need to inform the tutor beforehand. This way they can prepare the exact learning methods that match your persona accurately. Purchasing a course can also be expensive though this is ideal for those students who wish to learn in private in their own time.

You would expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars for a decent course so you will need to be sure that you are serious about learning Spanish and it is not some passing phase. These types of courses normally come with CDRoms or DVDs plus accompanying manuals and books. Though not as effective as one-to-one tuition they are ideal for those wanting to learn privately and can afford the price. Learning online is the new study option for Spanish where you will sign-up for a course. This again can get expensive and you will have homework given to you from your tutor that will need to be completed on time. This set-up is not ideal for everyone and you will need to ensure that you can provide the commitment to the course before you enroll.

Many students get caught in the trap of having to complete courses in a set schedule and they find it difficult to do if they are working long hours. Many students do not want to give up their free time with friends to study Spanish so they get behind with their studies and give up in the end. My recommendation is to first learn the basics of Spanish in the comfort of your own home in a time schedule that suits you and nobody else.

No night classes to attend and no homework to complete on schedule. You can study at your leisure and progress at your own speed. You can get started for less than twenty dollars so your financial commitment is minimal. Once you have started the home course and have proven to yourself that you have a genuine desire to learn Spanish then I would consider stepping things up by taking classes or private tuition.

Learning the basics first with minimal financial outlay will answer many questions about your desire to learn Spanish and your specific study traits so that you can take the language study to the next level. You can then choose the course that exactly suits your needs and learning skill level. Get this right and you will be speaking the Spanish language like a native in no time at all.

Mark Fynn has written many articles regarding home study and likes to include personal recommendations that hopefully will benefit future students. Mark has recently written articles for http://www.youspeakspanish

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