Comparing MP3 Players

by Nicky Pilkington

The main benefit of the Digital Age is convenience. MP3 players are one of the most popular components in recent years. They way they work is simple. You simply download your favorite music to an MP3 player and begin enjoying your music. MP3 actually refers to a method of audio compression that maintains the original quality. People often download music from their favorite CDs onto their MP3 player, but downloading music from the Internet is becoming more popular. There are websites available that enable you to subscribe to their service that allows you to pay either a monthly fee for downloading music or on an individual basis. [ more ]

Alternatives to MP3

by Hans Dekker

Although MP3 is the most popular format for encoding music, it is by no means the only one. There are two basic methods for compressing audio – lossless and lossy, and for each of these methods there are many formats. [ more ]

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Find a Great Music Download Site With The Following Criteria

by Mr.Music

From when we 1st began searching for the Best music download resource on the net, we used to get misplaced. It was because we were shopping for free mp3 files. We were required for monthly joining dues which annoyed us alot.

How may we discover a site as a great music download resource? We made a few standards to decide how to determine a good site. [ more ]

Trusting a music site to download and burn free music

by John Rivers

File-sharing programs are the most controversial way to download and burn free music on the Internet, but file sharing has never been more popular. Programs like KaZaA, Limewire, Ares, Shareaza, WinMX, iMesh seem to be the most popular for gathering totally free music to download. Lawsuits by the music industry have slowed some of the illegal sharing of pirated music, but there are new file-sharing programs that use methods to allow users to be anonymous. [ more ]